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Mrs Elswood Pickle Burgers 

Ultimate burger with the delicious taste and crunch of the pickled cucumber

Serves 10

Mrs Elswood Relish:

1 red onion

5 Mrs Elswood Sweet & Sour pickled cucumbers

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

100ml pickle juice

150g caster sugar

200ml white wine vinegar

Dill Mayo:

Small handful of dill (finely chopped)

7tbsp mayonnaise

5 Mrs Elswood Hot Dill pickled cucumbers (finely chopped)

¼ white onion (finely chopped)



10 burger buns

1.4kg beef mince


American cheese slices

Mrs Elswood Sweet & Sour pickled cucumbers (sliced) - optional

Mrs Elswood Relish:

  • Finely chop the peppers, pickles & onion

  • In a pan, add the sugar, vinegar & pickle juice and reduce by 1/3

  • Add the chopped vegetables and continue cooking on a high temperature until you reach a thick, jam-like consistency (about 30mins), then allow to cool

Dill Mayo:

  • Add all ingredients into a bowl a stir, then set aside


  • Split into 10, then mould into patties

  • Rub a touch of sunflower oil on the burger patties to stop sticking, then put the patties on the BBQ

  • Heavily season the top side of the patties with salt & pepper (don’t be afraid to over season as a lot will fall off, and this helps to keep the burgers juicy)

  • Once the bottom is caramelized, turn over and add the American cheese, this will give the cheese time to melt, and to keep the meat nice and pink

  • Toast the buns, then put some dill mayo and lettuce on the bottom bun

  • Once the meat is cooked and the cheese melted, put on a tray (this will rest the meat and ensure the bun doesn’t get wet)

  • On top of the cheese, put some Mrs Elswood relish and sliced pickles followed buy the top lid,

  • Combine the bottom and top part and enjoy!